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WWII Hand Witten Soldier's Diary

Navigator, 301st Bomb Group

32nd Squadron


This compelling narrative takes you from basic training in 1943 through 28 bombing missions from the Foggia Airfield Complex in Italy on such targets as Berlin, Munich, Blechhammer, Brussels, Vienna, Linz, Odertal and others.

On April 28, 1945, flying his 28th mission, he was shot down and held by the Germans for 17 days until he was liberated by the 5th Army.

The narative presents lots of information about the war, his missions and is intertwined with personal notes about his love Barbie, his family and his longing to return to the US after serving to marry his Barbie.

The book includes pictures of the writer, his love, his town and some clippings sent to him by his loved ones.

This is a rare narrative of life at the front lines of World War II and a poignant look at the life of an American soldier.

The diary traces the life of the writer through his service during World War II.  From washing out as a pilot trainee to squadron head on a bombing run to Ruckland Germany the narrative is a well written description of life during WW II.

The diary is interspersed with descriptions of the writer's surroundings stateside and overseas, reflections on his home life and accounts of his bombing missions.

The book itself is leather bound and the edges of the pages are gold.  The book is in excellent condition and is as it was found in the original box.

WW II diaries are rare as keeping written details of activities and missions was discouraged.  This diary is a must have for any collector of World War II memorabilia and would make a poignant story of the life and times of a World War II veteran.
This diary was purchased at an Estate auction and is sold as I found it.  Thank you to the soldier who wrote it and to all whohave served and are serving in the United States  Military Services.

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