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My name is Jim and I am TheLocalMerchant

I have always been a collector.  From baseball cards, stamps and coins in my youth to art, pottery, ceramics and quirky odds and ends in my adult life, collecting has been my hobby.

I have found however that the more objects I collect the more I accumulate and that leaves me less room to continue my collecting.

So, in 1999 I developed this web site, The Local Merchant, in order to share the things I have found with others, sell an item now and then, and clear some room so I can continue to collect.

I attend auctions and estate sales frequently and enjoy seeing the collections of things that others find interesting and valuable.  When I find items that interest me, at a price I am willing to pay, I buy them and add to my collection.

Every time I add an item to my collection. I also add an item from my collection to TheLocalMerchant.  The items here are all items I have been happy to own and display.

I hope you will enjoy browsing and if you find something you like, I hope you will buy it and give it a new home.
TheLocalMerchant Antiques and Collectibles of New Hampshire

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